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yet another cat hat id by QJaded yet another cat hat id :iconqjaded:QJaded 0 4
freedom of speech
chipped and worn purple nail polish
weakly disguises my grayish toenails
the scars from past blisters
calloused skin
and crooked toes
are all showcased
by my dirty yellow sandals
i stride with pride in
my broken-in feet
(you can always choose to look the other way...)
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 2
my shaking hands
Traumatic fingertips etch my hipbone:
it hurts
it cannot be stopped
It is fair
dark somehow
the shock of eyes
that make you forget
that you
used to breath
Pills Refuse To Chase Dread Away
all that's left
is me
and You
to laugh
at my shaking hands
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 4
Staring into this broken mirror
I can see myself more clearly
in the shattered pieces
me and her
The one with dark circles
under her eyes
She blames it on mascara
But I know...
She doesn't wear makeup
"Damn..." I whisper
The short prayer
in memory of what
nearly was
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 0
Lost Poetry .:Widescreen:. by QJaded Lost Poetry .:Widescreen:. :iconqjaded:QJaded 2 0 Universal Time - no lyrics by QJaded Universal Time - no lyrics :iconqjaded:QJaded 0 0
havent done
i love
        what you havent done
place                         US i mean
us would hardly be appropriate
how you managed
to spell
the letters
do you
if i did
ULTIMATE evil, or satan, or whathaveyou
lets just say:
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 7
Solitude by QJaded Solitude :iconqjaded:QJaded 2 13
poetic beginnings
words cautiously
            out of my pen
and bellyflop
            onto the paper
i d
  my finger through
the sanguinous scene
   painted in black and white:
(i am only confident that i do not know my art)
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 1
She slept with Dionysus again last night. Feeling like a bear emerging from hibernation, it was good to see her old lover from across the room with the slanted stare that met her subtle gaze. The drowsy feeling that draped over her head was blasted off with that inferno that roared whenever he was near. She moved closer, he moved closer. He took her hand in his and kissed her burning cheek. His breath was charming scent of intoxication that charged through her veins and left her heart running behind her struggling to catch up. She drank it in, sipping casually at first; but as the wild potion took effect, she could not take it in fast enough. He asked her to dance and she danced, as far as she could remember. He spun her around, and around and around; the room was a vast haze with radiant streaks of white, red and orange twirling around at speeds that her mind could not comprehend. He laughed as she hit the ground trying to take it all in but the light did not stop; it converged before
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 2
Universal Time - For Allie by QJaded Universal Time - For Allie :iconqjaded:QJaded 3 8
writer's block
it's a familiar scene at 1:43
the screen is bright
it tugs at her eyes
the offensive page is blank
1:47…still blank
1:51 and she has one line
then quickly casts it to
delete key oblivion
her head meets the keyboard at 1:53…
no wait, 1:54 now
making the coffee leap out of the mug
to attempt an escape
At 1:58 she manually extracts a hangnail
and sucks the on the blood
now it hurts to type
She has a strange craving for jelly beans
at 2:01 and falls asleep
snoring at the thoughts of
jelly bean colors until
the black licorice army invades at 3:43
"i hate black jelly beans," she thought
as she turned off the screen
"maybe i'll write about it someday…"
:iconqjaded:QJaded 1 2
your letter
I read your letter again
as I watched
your "love" and
your "regret:
embraced by fiery arms
I saw the words
where the ink ran
from my many tears
which could kill the flame
if there were any left to cry
:iconqjaded:QJaded 1 1
I am...
I am
the shadow you never notice
until it startles you at night
I am not
religious or spiritual
the individual is a god in its own right
I fear
judgement by others
all my self-confidence is just a front
I do not fear
death so much as I fear
no longer living
I love
when my cat purrs on my chest
putting my universe into perspective
I hate
intolerance for differences
to mask grotesue insecurity
I am
the one who will take you face
and turn it to another direction
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 4
The Music
The music tore inside me
and ripped out my soul
It dangled it over my head
before placing it on a shelf
in the purple place
that I cannot reach
even when I stand on my toes
:iconqjaded:QJaded 1 4
i thought it was all a dream until i looked down at
my hands.
that's when i knew it was real.
that's the great thing about them;
scars, that is.
scars never lie.
:iconqjaded:QJaded 0 0


Valentine by pupukachoo Valentine :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 3,764 660 P . A . R . A . D . I . Z . E by KmyeChan P . A . R . A . D . I . Z . E :iconkmyechan:KmyeChan 4,078 456 031204 -Landscape- by TKMUNDOK 031204 -Landscape- :icontkmundok:TKMUNDOK 206 52 Calm the Tempest by Saimain Calm the Tempest :iconsaimain:Saimain 4,246 446 Monkey Gone to Heaven by rag-dolly-anne Monkey Gone to Heaven :iconrag-dolly-anne:rag-dolly-anne 52 57 :cheerup: by dutchie17 :cheerup: :icondutchie17:dutchie17 353 170 Easy Like Sunday Morning by Rykk Easy Like Sunday Morning :iconrykk:Rykk 799 189 Asian sunset - commission by bw-inc Asian sunset - commission :iconbw-inc:bw-inc 7,110 0 Mushroom Hill by kerembeyit Mushroom Hill :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 9,023 985 Incompetence by sa-vvy Incompetence :iconsa-vvy:sa-vvy 2 8  Day came and they left planet by Swaroop Day came and they left planet :iconswaroop:Swaroop 542 145 Protoman Desktop by Overlord-Zio Protoman Desktop :iconoverlord-zio:Overlord-Zio 1 3 Armed Bunnies by evilhomer145 Armed Bunnies :iconevilhomer145:evilhomer145 888 238
Forced into her rusty armor—a foreign child to this land where fantasy still thrives:
A country where dreams and desires are fulfilled by "grant."
She's the unwanted, unheard stranger in a village full of heroes and heroines
Trotting on their flawless mares with horseshoes of gold and silver lined saddles
Illusions of grandeur which they all uphold—chivalric as they think they are
A sacrifice must be made to their benevolent king--
And broken toys and forgotten dolls are more useful as kindling
Than simply thrown away with the dead.
"Don't forget to scream loudly" they said
"You are the sacrifice but you must help It work up the appetite to eat you"
The children giggle while they skip merrily up toward the cave which contrasts the rippling grass.
Already they've started the burning—books with humans; humans with books.
To the ignorant, affluent, jealous, and bitter each seems equally evil.
"We're preparing them both for hell"
The young girl simply stares at her looming mausoleum and fe
:iconcaffeine-free-tacos:Caffeine-Free-Tacos 4 3
hara kiri by liqachu hara kiri :iconliqachu:liqachu 748 168



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